Jacksonville Bubble Soccer is currently taking over
Jacksonville and surrounding area!


Are you looking for a fun new sport game that puts soccer players inside bouncing, inflatable suits! It’s the newest craze in exercise and fitness–hectic, high-energy and outrageous FUN!

Then Jacksonville Bubble Ball is here to help! Bubble Ball is a full-contact sport played in an air-filled bubble. You’ll laugh…get knocked over… and laugh some more. You’ll be having so much fun you might not even be able to focus on the actual soccer part. Anyone can play, no matter your age, gender, or sports-playing skills.

It’s the perfect combination of bumping, flipping, colliding, laughing, and soccer that you could ever imagine. It’s the only sport that’s just as fun to watch as it is to play. Who doesn’t want to watch their friends stuck inside of a giant ball with their legs in the air? Better yet – who doesn’t want to use all their force to take down their competition?

We understand that this sport is too fun to let the opportunity slip by, if you want to just get friends together in your own backyard to play, we can make that magic happen!

Each player is protected by a large, transparent bubble that covers the entire body except for the lower legs with an opening above the head. You can get knocked over, land on your head, and you won’t feel a thing!

You’ve got to try it to believe it!

Detailed league information and tournament opportunities will be posted here soon.  For more information, or to get started setting up your personal event, please email or call.

 We will team up to create the perfect bouncing sensation for your needs! Email: JacksonvilleBubbleSoccer@gmail.com

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At Jacksonville Bubble Soccer we imprint all bubbles with sponsor logos. These rolling billboards stop traffic wherever they go, presenting a unique marketing for your brand.

Slide The Newest Craze in Exercise, Fitness & Fun! Learn More Book Now! The Newest Craze in Exercise, Fitness & Fun! Learn More Book Now!