Frequently Asked Questions

What is the object of the game?

The object of the game is to get the soccer ball into the net to score a goal! And to have a fun time while you are attempting to score while bumping into players on the other team! It’s a hilarious game!

What are Jacksonville Bubble Soccer rules?

Bubble soccer loosely follow traditional soccer rules. For example, there is no Off-Sides! You start the game with the soccer ball in the middle of the field. The players stand on their prospective goal lines & when the ref blows the whistle everyone runs to the ball at the same time resulting in some Bubble Ballers rolling around on the ground! The real fun is just beginning because when you crash into another player, both of you will go flying in different directions.

  1. Each team typically has 5 players and at least 1 substitute. The game is exhilarating & exhausting so bring a sub if possible.

  2. Substitutions can be made during the game as needed.

  3. There are 4 periods lasting 10 minutes each with a few 4 minute breaks. Each team can call a 2 minute timeout during a half.

  4. All play stops immediately when the referee blows the whistle

  5. No kicking  or bumping into a player when they are are down. No bumping a player when they are trying to stand back up. Don’t knock down someone who is not facing you.

  6. No fighting – ejections will happen (no refunds)No launching into anybodys legs at any time.

  7. No kicking the equipment (Bubble Balls). If the Bubble Ball gets punctured please let the ref know  and you must remain in the Bubble Ball when in play.

  8. Please arrive 20 minutes early to sign waiver & get comfortable in the Bubble Ball! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated during the game!!

Hygiene/ Keep us Clean

After the game, you must clean your bubble (out of respect for those who will be using next). We will provide you with cleaning solution and paper towels. It should take no more than a few seconds. Thank you for your collaboration.

Is there a size or age requirement to play?

There is no age limitation but the sizes of our bubble suits are 3’11” (children and ladies), 4’11” (normal adults), and 5’11” (big and tall). To fit comfortably inside the bubble suits, participants have to be at least 4 ft 6 in. Yes, all players should weigh less than 220 lbs.

Do I have to be experienced in soccer to play?

Absolutely not. If someone is showing off their soccer skills, just bump them away.

Is setup a part of our playtime?

No. We show up about an hour early for setup.

Size of the field needed

A standard 5v5 game works great on a venue the size of a full sized basketball court.

How do I view your availability?

Submit your request and we will let you know the availability

Who should not play bubble soccer?

If you are overweight, there is a possibility you might get stuck in the bubble. If you are unfit, be careful not to exhaust yourself. The ball is quite heavy so you will need strength and stamina. Those who suffer from vertigo. Balls roll. Think twice before joining a team if you suffer from claustrophobia.

Are you likely to get hurt?

With any sport, there is always a risk of injury. As safe as this appears being in a ‘bubble’, we recommend that you have a reasonable level of fitness to be able to cope with being ‘bumped’. A waiver form must be signed prior to participation.

What should I bring to the game?

If you are under 18, you must bring your signed waiver form along with photo ID Failure to do so will prohibit you from participating in all the games.

How much do I have to pay before the event?

You will have to pay the standard price for your package along with a 20% damage deposit that is refundable if none of our equipment is damaged during the rental period.

Can I cancel?

If the cancellation is made 14 days prior to the booked date, we will refund 80% of the total amount paid. Remainder 20% of the amount will be forfeited. If cancellation is made within a week of the event, we will refund 50%.. Therefore, we highly encourage you to ask about our rescheduling opportunity if there is a time conflict.

Do you have a facility where I can come play?

Currently, we provide the equipment and you supply the field. However, we can deliver the equipment almost anywhere, and there are many public fields and parks in Jacksonville and surrounding area. Also, some schools offer their fields for recreational use by the community. Here are some more ideas. Note: Some parks and fields require a permit, reservation, and/or a use fee for some organized or team activities, and that is your responsibility.  We are currently working on securing some partnerships with venues/ parks in town.

What are bubble balls made of?

Our Bubble Balls are extremely safe. Made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), our balls undergo a series of rigorous testing before they ever make it to the field. You can trust that we take every precaution to ensure your health and safety.